Acting on a Dream

I decided to turn the anxiety from my dream into a productivity plan and created a Trello board to organize our wedding to-do's.  

I'm not usually this organized, but I'm gonna have to be for this huge project.  I know the wedding won't be perfect, but I want to be happy about how it all comes together in the end. 


Last night, I had a really intense, immersive dream about my wedding.  Ironically, it was based around the idea that the whole thing came and went with seemingly little involvement from me.  I showed up, my decorations were (sort of) there, I quickly got drunk to calm my nerves, I walked down the aisle, I watched my friends dancing as I scurried around the yard collecting metal charms instead of conversing or celebrating with anyone.  Then everything was over, and everyone went home as dawn was breaking.  I was left standing there in my dewey/dirty wedding dress, holding a stack of polaroids from the night.  My parents had gone to bed and Franco was nowhere to be found.  I woke up feeling very lost and panicked with an empty feeling in my chest. 

I've felt that feeling before.  It was a few years ago at Burning Man.  I wasn't ready for the event in any way, but it happened anyway, and I couldn't enjoy myself.  Then everything was over.  One year gone, good luck next year!  

Three months to go til the wedding.  I'm taking this dream as a sign. 


I spent a few hours looking at dresses online today.  Here are my two favorites:

- Eden by Jenny Packham - 


^ This dress retails for 6K.  I found a brand new one (in my size) on Tradesy for just under 2K.  I think it's absolutely beautiful, but it would be a huge risk to order something without ever having tried it on.  No returns accepted!

- Mina gown by BHLDN -

This is a very casual dress with a high neckline that I think would look nice on me.  It's only $700.  It has great reviews on the BHLDN website, most of which cite how comfortable it is to wear.  I'm a little concerned that it may be too casual/not special enough.  Maybe I should just order it anyway because I can always return it.

I made a Saturday appointment at a nonprofit bridal boutique called (cringe) "Fairytale Brides on a Shoestring Boutique."  According to their website, all the net proceeds from their sales are donated to charitable organizations that support women's empowerment programs.  Some of their Yelp reviews claim that the owner is weird, rude, and mean.  This will be my first experience at a bridal boutique so I have no idea what to expect. 


I've decided to blog about my wedding.  I've been feeling the urge to blog for a couple of years now, but kept putting it off.  I've been waiting for the stars to align and for me to consider myself a good enough writer to share anything, my study to be miraculously straightened up enough to permit me to sit down/focus/write, for me to "have enough time when there's so much else going on"...blah blah blah, all excuses.  

Anyway, I've decided to start writing today, with this.

Franco and I are getting married this year.  Everything will take place at his parents' house in Groton, Massachusetts. Thirty-six guests, a little backyard wedding.  No rain plan as of yet. Haven't sussed out much, to be honest. 

- Details - 
Date: October 8, 2017
Location: Groton, Massachusetts (in the Brockelmans' backyard) 
Significance of date+location: the peak of autumn in New England!  
Food: Italian place down the street (catered)
Cake: unsure
Cake toppers: my brother, Kenneth, is 3D printing them
Dress: unsure
Photographer: unsure
Budget: unsure
Flowers; my mom and Franco are handling this
Officiant: Dennis
Maid of honor: Anne-Sophie
Best man: Bryce
Ring bearer: Django

*My mind is brimming with decor ideas, but I keep telling myself I need to nail down (or officially delegate to others) the major logistics before I get wrapped up in decorating land.  

That being said, I've already put aside four window scarves that the rest of the decor will be centered around.  Here's a picture of them in a basket:

FullSizeRender 14.jpg

I'll post a better photo later.

Aaaaand I've started collecting vintage dessert plates for guests to enjoy their cake atop:


Six down, 30 to go.