I spent a few hours looking at dresses online today.  Here are my two favorites:

- Eden by Jenny Packham - 


^ This dress retails for 6K.  I found a brand new one (in my size) on Tradesy for just under 2K.  I think it's absolutely beautiful, but it would be a huge risk to order something without ever having tried it on.  No returns accepted!

- Mina gown by BHLDN -

This is a very casual dress with a high neckline that I think would look nice on me.  It's only $700.  It has great reviews on the BHLDN website, most of which cite how comfortable it is to wear.  I'm a little concerned that it may be too casual/not special enough.  Maybe I should just order it anyway because I can always return it.

I made a Saturday appointment at a nonprofit bridal boutique called (cringe) "Fairytale Brides on a Shoestring Boutique."  According to their website, all the net proceeds from their sales are donated to charitable organizations that support women's empowerment programs.  Some of their Yelp reviews claim that the owner is weird, rude, and mean.  This will be my first experience at a bridal boutique so I have no idea what to expect.